EU countries are drawing nearer to the deadline for transposition of the EU SUP Directive. This directive has as result new rules regarding regular plastic food containers that horeca or FMCG operators have been using. These containers made from single-use plastics will effectively be banned from market placement and usage – all across Europe, starting with July 2021, in only 7 months time.

Anticipating a surge in orders for container alternatives, the BFG Packaging team has stocked up on eco-friendly food containers, alternatives that operators will still be able to use without constraints from July 2021 on.

Compared to regular plastic food containers, the ones made out of naturally sourced raw materials – such as sugar cane – can be delivered fast, are convenient and for customer usage they pose no complications. These natural fiber food containers don’t impact food taste, food flavour, are waterproof and oil-resistant and can be microwaved or used in gas or electrical powered ovens.

Currently, the BFG Packaging team has 25 containers en-route to its European HQ from China, so that effective & faster delivery for such products in stock is ensured.

Why you need to consider the natural fiber food container line

The BFG eco product range is in line with the EU SUP Directive – banning plastic food packaging from distribution and usage and encouraging the use of food packaging that, in time, reduces the impact on the maritime environment.

What’s more: this naturally sourced line offers the same characteristics in terms of reliability for preservation of food taste & flavour, also maintaining all the quality standards that horeca and FMCG operators are interested in.

Debating whether or not to integrate such a product line in your supply chain? BFG team will assist you with any inquiries you might have. Contact your designated account manager in the BFG team for details.