Wherever you are, we are! BFG, as a lead packaging manufacturer for the food industry, produces in the European Union and delivers, in a timely matter, in all corners of Europe and north of Africa, wherever your business needs are.

No matter your needs, whether you are looking to build a stock, restock or just interested in meeting your clients’ business needs in a rightful order, the BFG team works to cover your requirements on schedule.

Whether you are a distributor, retailer, supplier or have a business, a special need or an event to cater for and food packaging is what you are after, just get into contact with the BFG logistical team and we will take care of everything.

Extruded polystyrene & polypropylene products, heat-sealable polypropylene products, polypropylene hinged lid containers and natural fiber products made of sugarcane and wood fibers, in all shapes and forms, are delivered in a matter of days since the launch of the final order, all over Europe, no matter the distance over land and sea. A real advantage and a true alternative to imports from Asia, no matter your choices.

The advantages brought by the BFG products (that range from bowls, plates, standard and absorbent trays, to menu boxes and hinged lid containers) made of materials at your choice, continues with transport logistics. Loading, at BFG, is organized in a Safe & Simple manner and intercontinental Transport & Connections are put together in such a way to keep a Low Carbon Footprint throughout the route.

At BFG Packaging, the recognized quality of our products, the degree to which we can personalize your requests and the competitive prices we come up with, are rounded by short and eco-friendly delivery times and sustainable practices.

We are one call/email away from you!