We are happy to announce that BFG Packaging has broken ground on our new production facility in Romania. This 9000m² facility will be tailor made for the production of our new line of fiber based, biodegradable packaging to keep serving our customers with the best products that not only are in line with all relevant EU regulations but will also be produced with locally sourced and sustainable natural materials.

The production facility will be constructed in close proximity of the existing plastics plant, creating a possibility for our customers to source both the Fiber Based and the Plastic Based products not only from the same company, but also from the same logistical collection point.

The production in Romania with EU sourced feedstock will not only allow for short delivery times and competitive pricing, it will also provide the benefit of reducing the Carbon Footprint of the products by eliminating the transport across the globe.

We are also very appreciative to the Romanian State – after thorough review and study of the economical business case they have decided to support our investment by awarding us support under the H.G. no.807/2014 scheme to “stimulating investments that have a major impact on the economy (Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, No.714/30.09.2014)”.

The picture below shows the outline of the planned building on the existing BFG Packaging production complex – we will keep you informed on the status of the construction process during the upcoming BFG newsletters and we hope you are as excited as we are to venture into this new challenge and adventure with us as your preferred disposable packaging supplier.