Do you have clients for whom bulk packaging is not enough? Personalized demands in the form of customized packaging according to individual, specific requirements are now being offered.

To meet your retail clients’ expanding needs and expectations, we decided to offer you a personalized packaging service with easy to customize solutions for our wood fiber products.

The retail market is in a continuous evolution marked by on-going and sometimes disruptive challenges that, if used wisely, become encouragements, helping us to help them become even better and more competitive.

If you are good in what you are doing, you then want to become even better and more resourceful. One can do this by being pre-emptive towards meeting the clients’ expectancies. And a smart way to do it is to consider including in your offer mini-packages of wood fiber products, packed in ready to sell boxes, easily adaptable to any form and need of your retail customer:

  • small packages with 10/15/… pieces, ready to be used in open air (picnic, bbq) or at a party, to replace the use of plastic, to serve the need of the final consumer;
  • mini-packing can be loose or stretch from clear plastic foil, with the number of products set on request;
  • small packs with personalized labels, any color and shape, according to their requirements;
  • exterior carboard box packaging for mini-packs can be standard box or „shelf box“ type with removable cover; they can be colored or not and personalized with the requested information;
  • even if this type of custom packaging requires a lot of details, the delivery time is short, after all the details have been established together.
  • short delivery time compared to deliveries from Asia, as everything is produced and delivered in and from the EU.

Build now an even stronger offer for your retail clients to embrace, as we can help you address easier your customers’ requests, claims and growing expectations with now personalized means such as:

  • different number of pieces per pack; packs per box; label; box etc;
  • or, if don’t want to bother with developing personalized labels and boxes, we can offer our own label and/or box.

Contact us and we will work together for your business to grow and expand in a smart, durable way.