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29September 2021

BFG Packaging’s new Romania production plant for ecological and biodegradable packaging is nearing completion

BFG Packaging Romania keeps its investments and development strategy in line despite provocations induced by the coronavirus pandemic, that brought along with it various physical constraints and limitations.

After a full summer of dedicated work at its new ecological and biodegradable packaging plant in Petrești (Dâmbovița County, southern Romania), the company […]

29September 2021

IMPORTANT: XPS food packaging products can still be used

XPS food packaging can still be used in an important number of European countries. Given that in various EU member state the process of transposing the EU Directive 2019/904 was not completed, XPS food packaging still represents one of the options available and will continue to be so until otherwise […]

29September 2021

SUP Directive: Transposing efforts are advancing with different steps

The national efforts across EU to transpose the EU Directive 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (SUP Directive) are taking place at a rather slow pace. Two months after the entry into force of the Directive, it turns out that progresses are […]

29September 2021

China energy crisis deepens, power rationing extends to factories

China is currently experiencing one of the worst energy crunches in its recent history, due to a combination of factors that range from a shortage of coal from suppliers, skyrocketing coal prices, a growing demand for energy from both household and industrial consumers (night temperatures fell sharply, prompting a spike […]

02Juni 2021

2 new product releases in the BFG Packaging XPP product range

Extruded polypropylene (XPP) or foamed PP is the most innovative alternative to extruded / expanded polystyrene (XPS / EPS) and is considered the future of plastic in catering packaging.

XPP is closed-cell bead foam that possesses unique properties such as thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, high […]