Due to requests in the market from companies wanting their products be delivered in customized packaging, BFG has decided to develop a customized packaging line of its wood fiber products and marketed under the BFG ECO range.

With the help of this service introduced by BFG Packaging in its offer, customers can now determine, for the ECO range products manufactured by BFG, what kind of mini packaging they want. Not just the quantity of the products within the mini packaging box can be personalized, but also it is possible for the client’ name to be marked on the packaging of the products they ordered.

With sustainable packaging becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before – BFG goes one step further by personalizing the products it offers, helping its customers to deliver their own, enhanced and customized messages.

As such, by using customized environmentally friendly packaging, a company can build a better relationship with eco-minded customers, while also enhancing its clients’ base and positioning its brand as one focused on values of positive impact, such as sustainability and responsibility.

With climate changes becoming a constant theme of concern, the way people and companies see packaging in terms of ECO-friendly label is set to grow. That is why, rather than being an alternative option, environmentally friendly packaging is only going to become a solution in higher demand.