As the July 3rd, 2021 deadline for the enforcement of the EU Directive 904/2019 (also known as SUP Directive) draws near, we are proud to present to you a new range of food containers the BFG team has been working on.

These products are a viable alternative to the banned expanded polystyrene (XPS) food containers, which EU member states will have to pull back from use starting from next year.

Extruded polypropylene (XPP) products, a viable alternative to SUP Directive bans


What is XPP? Extruded polypropylene (XPP) is closed-cell bead foam that possesses unique properties such as thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, high strength, multiple impact resistance and recyclability.

XPP is also an innovative alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) for operators in the catering industry.


Why you should consider using XPP food packaging:


  • Containers can be used in the microwave

This material has a high melting point, making it ideal for food containers that have to be hot-filled or exposed to high temperatures.


  • Food freshness & temperatures are preserved for a longer period

XPP food containers preserve the freshness of foods and their state (hot/cold) due to their thermal insulating properties. Condensation that can occur throughout the distribution chain is thus prevented.


  • Containers don’t soften or leak and are non-toxic and hygienic

This material doesn’t retain moisture and is waterproof. Food ingredients such as acidic, alkaline and hot oils do not deteriorate XPP food packaging; moreover containers are non-toxic and also hygienic, as fungi and bacteria cannot grow on it.

  • Containers are shock resistant

The protection of food products stored inside is assured due to the superior shock absorbency of XPP, whose cellular matrix renders outstanding impact resistance.


  • Packaging is light and easy to transport

Containers made of PP and air add very little to the weight of the packaging, being lighter than bagasse or carton board, for instance.


BFG offers 5 variants of food containers made from XPP; find out more details HERE.


BFG also offers a range of food packaging made from natural fibers, consisting of trays, bowls, plates and hinged lid containers. They also present features such as good thermal properties, water & oil resistance, with no impact on food taste or flavor, microwaveable and good for use in ovens, completely biodegradable and compostable.

Read more about our natural fiber solutions here:


BFG Packaging is committed to delivering top quality food packaging in line with EU regulations. Contact us for more details and a personalized offer, catered to your company’s needs.