A ban in plastic food packaging coming in 8 months time – as imposed by the EU Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive – has led to a growing demand for ECO containers, such as the BFG ECO range made from natural fiber.

BFG has taken active steps towards ensuring that clients have access to this convenient alternative – ECO-friendly food containers – by supplementing stocks on a monthly basis, based on already growing demand for these products, as well as anticipating the surge once the deadline for the SUP Directive enforcement draws near.

New storage capacity for larger ECO products stocks

BFG has hired an external warehouse to be able to store the huge stocks of ECO products, stocks that are constantly updated.

BFG is facing growing demands for ECO products and is constantly updating stocks to meet companies’ needs until it will be able to manufacture ECO products in its own production unit in Romania.

ECO food containers – allowed for use by the EU from July 2021

ECO food packaging is sustainable packaging allowed for use beyond July 2021 by the European Union.

The BFG ECO product range is in line with the EU SUP Directive – and is food packaging that, in time, reduces the impact on the maritime environment and has the important particularity of decomposing relatively quickly and turning into compost.

ECO food containers don’t impact food taste, food flavour, are waterproof and oil-resistant – and a very important feature to all our horeca clients: these food containers can be used in ovens (be it electric or gas-powered) and microwaves.

Contact your BFG support for a personalized offer for our ECO product range and hands-on support in understanding the advantages offered by our ECO product range as compared to XPS or XPP containers, as well as seamless integration of natural fiber food containers in your supply chain.