July 2021 brings not only the enforcement deadline for the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive, but also a significant issue as regards the disposable plates made from plastic materials.

According to the latest SUP Guidelines, not only plates completely made from plastic will be prohibited, but paper or cardboard plates with a thin liner or coating of plastic (polystyrene, polypropylene, PET or even bio plastics like PLA) will be banned as well.


The readily available alternatives

Natural fiber molded products, for example the BFG provided fiber plates, do not include ANY plastic liners or coatings and are therefore the referenced “readily available alternative”.

These products gain their water- and oil resistance not from a plastic layer, but from food safe additive polymers mixed in with the fibers before the products are molded into the final shape.


Latest release: FIBER Round Plate – 22cm, 2 compartments

Taking into account the Single Use Plastics Directive provisions and guidelines, BFG has launched a new product designed to meet the specific requirements of disposable plates, only made from fiber, without any plastic component – a FIBER Round Plates – 22 cm, with 2 compartments.

This new plate is part of a wide range of natural fiber plates meant to replace the banned ones, biobased and biodegradable food packaging range that BFG will continue to expand. Learn more about the BFG sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions from the dedicated website: https://eco.bfgpackaging.com

Compared to regular plastic food containers, the ones made out of naturally sourced raw materials are convenient and for customer usage they pose no complications. These natural fiber food containers don’t impact food taste, food flavour, are waterproof and oil-resistant and can be microwaved or used in gas or electrical powered ovens.