There are 9 more months left until the deadline for the EU Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive on July 2nd, 2021 and this transition period from plastic-based containers to sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives is proving challenging for manufacturers, as well as horeca operators.

At BFG we are getting ready for a surge in orders from our clients for such eco-friendly food containers, once the deadline for the ban of expanded plastic-based products draws near. This is precisely why we are investing in significant stocks to assure faster delivery and to your company’s convenience.

These food-packaging alternatives – sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions – are just as reliable in terms of quality, convenient for your needs, delivered faster than regular XPS plastic food containers (which will be banned from July 2021, as per official EU communication).

What’s more: these eco products are and will continue to be in stock, as BFG is building a bulky reserve of millions of such products.

The BFG Team understands the needs from horeca customers and is available to give you a more-detailed insight into how the eco product range will be able to meet your necessities.

The BFG eco product range is in line with the EU SUP Directive – food packaging which, in time, reduces the impact on the maritime environment.

This is why the BFG team has been focusing on natural fiber products, which can basically offer you the same characteristics pertaining to XPS or XPP containers, with this important particularity, of decomposing relatively quickly and turning into compost.

Natural fiber food containers don’t impact food taste, food flavour, are waterproof and oil-resistant – and a very important feature to all our horeca clients: these food containers can be used in ovens (be it electric or gas-powered) and microwaves.

Contact your contact person for a personalized offer for our natural fiber range and hands-on support in the integration of natural fiber food containers in your supply chain.