The brand new BFG Packaging production facility which is producing 100% biobased and biodegradable single use rigid takeaway packaging is completely operational and already started to deliver products to some European countries.

The new line of packaging is made entirely of FSC-certified wood fiber. This development marks a decisive step taken by BFG Packaging to develop new packaging products, aligned with the EU regulatory framework that promotes the use of ecological packaging as a replacement solution of plastic-based alternatives.

By producing locally, one can register improvements in both the product quality and the reliability of delivery terms, while keeping prices competitive. This is done by eliminating the long-distance transport chains and replacing them with a short supply chain that helps deliver products right from the stocks especially built up, reducing in the end delivery times.

The FSC-wood fiber used in the production of the new BFG ECO range of food packaging promotes a responsible attitude towards the environment, with products meeting the highest EU standards for ECO food packaging. Customers will find the new products rigid and strong, resistant against oil and water, capable of retaining heat, while also being heat-sealable.

The new investment, which represents a milestone for the European packaging industry, and where BFG Packaging already produces the new range of ecological rigid takeaway food packaging 100% ecological and compostable, will be further extended in the near future. The company works on the second phase of development of the new production unit, which is expected to be completed in early 2023.