At BFG Packaging, we believe that eco-friendly packaging is not just a trend, it is a necessity for the future. That is why we create 100% eco-conscious solutions that reduce waste and positively impact the environment, now offered in almost limitless ways to pack them.

Personalized mini-packaging of environmentally responsible products made of natural fibers is available and completely adaptable to your retail clients’ needs and expectations.

Through our personalized packaging service, your business needs can be met no matter their complexity, as the customized solutions we provide can only compete with your clients’ imagination.

A greener, more sustainable future is possible without compromising any needs a powerful business may have, and it starts with small changes like switching to customized mini-packing for the natural fiber products you need. With BFG Packaging, you can both stand out and meet your business goals without sacrificing performance or convenience. So, contact us to create a greener, more agreeable world.

If you’re in need of versatile, adaptable products and packaging for the food industry and also in search to optimize the diverse requests coming from your clients, while also preserving available space and reducing delivery times, customized mini-packing from BFG is the all-year, all-occasions solution.


  • we developed mini-packs of 2 to 25 products per set for natural fiber products;
  • mini-packing is available in loose or stretch-fit clear plastic foil;
  • the number of products can be set on request;
  • also, they can have personalized labels, any color and shape;
  • exterior carboard box packaging for mini-packs can be standard box or shelf-read box with removable cover;
  • they can be colored or not and personalized with the requested information; if you don’t require personalized labels and boxes, we can provide you with our own label and/or box;
  • don’t worry about the delivery time; we make complicated things easy – once all the details are arranged, we strive to make the delivery time as short as possible.

Time is a resource we cherish as much as you do, so everything at BFG Packaging is produced and delivered, in time, in and from the EU. This makes short delivery times the norm and not the exception, as it is the case with deliveries from Asia, which proved and still are, a hassle, with delays of shipments that build up countinuously.

Big things are now made available for small packages with customized mini-packing being what we do best at BFG. Contact us and we will have the solutions adapted to your needs.