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16abril 2021

Price increases for plastic products in Europe – determined factors

The start of Corona pandemic created in the spring of 2020 a worldwide downfall of economic and industrial activities overall, which in turn leaded to a significant reduction of crude oil consumption and consequently, the oil industry decreased the production volumes following demand and the commodity price.

At the end of […]

18febrero 2021

The rise in plastic output that led to Europe’s anti-plastic agenda

With the exponential spread of disposable plastics, came carbon footprints, health consequences and marine pollution. While the planet produced only a few million tonnes of plastic in 1950, this figure could reach the highly symbolic half-billion mark in the years to come.

Marine pollution and climate change, triggered by single-use plastics


Between […]

20enero 2021

European countries implement new tax & law measures to reduce plastics usage

Every year in Europe, 26 million metric tons of plastic waste is generated, with less than 30% of this waste being collected for recycling. Packaging accounts for over 50% of this waste, according to a 2018 finding of the European Commission.

Two EU legislative and policy measures will impact plastic packaging […]

20enero 2021

400% increase in demand for natural fiber food packaging between January-December 2020

Increased tendency of the population towards environmental protection, stringent government regulations and technological advancements in the industry for manufacturing of packaging using non-petroleum products are driving the market for eco-friendly food packaging.

According to, the global eco-friendly food packaging market was estimated to be valued at USD 174.7 billion in […]