Without stating the obvious, 2020 has been a challenging year, marked by historical events and unforeseen changes to work and home lives; it has also been a year of learning, either at the team or at an individual level.

BFG team members came together to discover and implement new ways to help customers and partners, to rapidly react to the changing nature of business and customer experience from March 2020 on. Listening to their needs led to the growth of our products and to new, groundbreaking projects.

Pressured by the lack of plastic food containers due to the coronavirus pandemic, the BFG team invested and expanded the provision of natural fiber food packaging, ensuring supplementary stocks being delivered from China and stored in a new warehouse based in South-Eastern Europe (Romania).

At the same time, the BFG team kept its partners up-to-date with changes afloat in the food industry, all under the spectrum of the European framework for single use plastics bans, in effect from 2021.

With the deadline for the Single Use Plastics Directive for July 2021 looming and new measures introduced by EU bodies to flatten the plastics usage curve, the BFG team broke ground on an ambitious project, albeit in a year of surprising twists: a new factory that BFG is currently building in Romania, meant to supply the products of the future in the food packaging industry – natural fiber, bio based and biodegradable food packaging products.

Expected to be finished sometime between spring and summer 2021, this new production facility will be able to supply in the second half of this year the much needed, much in demand products that our customers and partners rely on the BFG team for.

On behalf of the BFG team, thank you for your continued partnership, and we look forward to supporting your business goals in 2021.


Karel Hoet

President of BFG Packaging