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02iunie 2021

2 new product releases in the BFG Packaging XPP product range

Extruded polypropylene (XPP) or foamed PP is the most innovative alternative to extruded / expanded polystyrene (XPS / EPS) and is considered the future of plastic in catering packaging.

XPP is closed-cell bead foam that possesses unique properties such as thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, high […]

02iunie 2021

The raw material shortage crisis is now a worldwide-spread phenomenon

A year ago, when the coronavirus pandemic was declared, the world witnessed consumer panic-buying and a shudder in global economies. Today, we’re witnessing a new phenomenon – a rebound, a breakneck speed at which demand for goods is recovering and a rush of stocking-up of almost every raw material by […]

16aprilie 2021

Price increases for plastic products in Europe – determined factors

The start of Corona pandemic created in the spring of 2020 a worldwide downfall of economic and industrial activities overall, which in turn leaded to a significant reduction of crude oil consumption and consequently, the oil industry decreased the production volumes following demand and the commodity price.

At the end of […]