Navigating the coronavirus pandemic entailed significant changes and adjustments for all industry sectors worldwide, but one particular phenomenon occurred, impacting the horeca sector: a surge in orders for food deliveries.

The food packaging industry witnessed hands on the effects of this phenomenon, receiving expedited orders from clients and working at full capacity to deliver these orders.
However, no matter the measures manufacturers have taken to ensure a professional flow in activity, as the phenomenon persists, delivery times for regular plastic food containers will be prolonged – a fact which will continue, most likely beyond spring 2021.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives. Even before the pandemic and as an effect of the SUP Directive, the BFG team has taken active measures to adhere to the Directive regulations, focusing on natural fiber food containers, which you can discover in full on the dedicated website.

In the BFG warehouse in Europe, there is available the full range of eco food containers complying with the Single Use Plastics Directive coming into effect in all EU countries in just a few months.

These food-packaging alternatives of the future – sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions – are just as reliable in terms of quality, convenient for your needs and budgets, delivered faster than regular XPS (which most probably will be banned from July 2021) or XPP plastic food containers.
What’s more: these eco products are in stock.

BFG Team understands horeca client needs and is available to give you a more-detailed insight into how the eco product range would be able to meet your necessities.

Contact us for a personalized offer and hands-on support in the integration of natural fiber food containers in your supply chain.