BFG Packaging, established in Romania in 2008 and known for its capacity and variety as a producer of packaging products for the food industry, launched a new product range of heat-sealable catering products as an alternative to XPS/EPS catering products.The new products of the rigid PP range contain heat-sealable partitioned casseroles and bowls, as well as their lids. They respond to the growing need in the market for alternatives to the XPS/EPS packaging, the use of heat-sealable rigid PP products being the latest trend in the European takeaway market.

The BFG Packaging rigid PP products range includes standard and absorbent trays as well as hinged lid containers that cover everyone’s needs, while the one handling them can be sure of being friendly with nature and the company producing them compliant with the toughest EU and national regulations on plastic.

It’s one of the options a company like BFG could come up with in the face of the EU agenda related to environment protection. It is also a new and solid expression of the company’s long-term commitment to promote a sustainable approach towards nature and communities.