British Foam Grup (BFG Packaging) was established in 2008, in Romania, as manufacturer for food packaging material. The company sells extruded polystyrene products (standard and absorbent trays, menu boxes, etc.), polypropylene products (trays, hinged lids) and PVC cling film, to the Romanian market and to most of Continental, Central and Eastern Europe markets.

Focused on supplying high quality products, BFG Packaging uses the latest modern technology in the production process, being constantly involved towards streamlining and development of the production capacity.

BFG Packaging’s products are distinguished in the market by advantages related to exceptional product quality, reliability regarding agreed delivery terms and competitive prices.


A range of trays fully covering the packaging trends and needs existing in the market, available in standard and self-absorbent trays.


A new range of products to cover new packaging trends and needs existing in the market.


PVC CLING FILM a wide range, with different widths and thicknesses adapted to each need.