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30June 2020

Wales releases report that analyzes the economic impact of EU’s SUP Directive

Aimed at reducing the environmental impact of single-use plastics, the Single-Use Plastics Directive (EU/2019/904) prohibits placing particular single-use plastic products on the market, effectively forming a ban on the import and sale of these products come July 2021.
The Directive lists 9 categories of single-use plastic products earmarked for prohibition from […]

30June 2020

The New Plastics Economy and how if unfolds in the EU

Plastic is a present material in our economy and daily lives. It has multiple functions that help tackle a number of the challenges facing our society. In packaging in particular, plastics help ensure food safety and reduce food waste.

However, too often the way plastics are used and discarded fails to […]

29May 2020

Due to a significant boost in orders for plastic food containers, manufacturers take active measures to face delivery time pressures

As the European Union learns to navigate the coronavirus pandemic and nations work to stave off infection, single-use plastics (SUP) have seen a notable boost in the horeca sector.

Food containers made from expanded polystyrene especially have risen in popularity, with manufacturers reporting double-digit percentage sale increases in orders placed for […]

29May 2020

National laws in EU countries for implementation of SUP Directive

As the midway point of the transposition period for the SUP directive rapidly approaches, we see more and more countries starting to develop their own legislation and proposals making their way through the different national houses of government.

As a reminder, the EU Directive was accepted and signed into EU law […]

29May 2020

Using eco-friendly food packaging and the main benefits for your business

Of the 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced globally each year only 14 percent is recycled, according to a recent study published in the online version of National Geographic magazine.

Lightweight and floatable, plastic that escapes collection & recycling flows into oceans – 9 million tons annually – and […]