Of the 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced globally each year only 14 percent is recycled, according to a recent study published in the online version of National Geographic magazine.

Lightweight and floatable, plastic that escapes collection & recycling flows into oceans – 9 million tons annually – and most of it comes from developing nations.
This figure is however expected to grow, as consumption of packaged goods will rise – especially meal-kits and grocery goods, as well as take-out foods.

The European Commission has set in motion a directive to ban single-use plastic containers made of expended polystyrene, which is to come into effect from 2021 (EU Directive 904).

The purpose of this directive is to reduce the amount of plastic waste deriving from member states – and a consequence is the encouragement of the use of packaging made from natural fibers, which is biodegradable and compostable in a safe and healthy manner for the environment.

Eco-friendly food packaging – why and how your business can use it

Eco-friendly packaging, as the name suggests, is environment-friendly and leaves a minimal carbon footprint. But, there are a lot more benefits to it, business-wise.

When a business goes eco-friendly, it improves the brand image tremendously
Consumers are increasingly demanding natural products and social responsibility from vendors and suppliers through sustainability and green practices. More importantly, many are willing to pay more for these values and demands. The Nielsen global online survey in 2019 identified 66 percent of its worldwide study respondents with this commitment to eco-friendly products, services and businesses.

Eco-friendly packaging meets EU Directive requirements
Due to their biodegradability natural fiber products decompose relatively quickly and turn into compost. The compost may be used as nursery or fertilizer for new plants, and the cycle closes. These products represent the best and safest alternative for the plastic product bans by the Directive.

Eco-friendly products have a good value for money
Packaging made from natural fiber represents a very good alternative to polystyrene products as far as resistance and thermal properties are concerned. Moreover, they can be used for reheating food, either in the microwave or in electric or gas-powered ovens. The end user will not see any difference in terms of quality of food purchased.

Some countries provide tax incentives to companies that use eco-friendly materials
There are a number of grants, subsidies and financing programs available for the company or entrepreneur who seeks to be eco-friendlier. Also, governments in some EU member states provide grants for qualified programs that are related to environmentally responsible approaches for a variety of business operations.

BFG eco-friendly food packaging range

Fiber Products are an environmentally sustainable solution for food service and packaging disposables.

The BFG fiber products range consists of:

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